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Debbie Flevotomou, founder of the leading cosmogenic architecture company practice in London.

Working in the construction sector, we have cooperated with many architects over the years, as their are the natural associates of construction or real estate companies. Indeed, there are many architects operating in the London area, many of them talented. One of them is Debbie Flevotomou, a woman from Athends who worked for distinguished landlords on very demanding missions – for instance, she designed a mind-boggling villa in Greece. She founded some years ago her own business, Residential Architects in London.

She has amassed a lot of experience over the years, and also possesses the great gift of being able to easily relate to her customers’ needs and understanding in a glimpse how a room, a garden or an entire countryside villa can be redesigned and upgraded, for her clients’s greatest pleasure. She also specialises in extensive renovation works.

The whole Residential Architects in London team is great, as Debbie has known how to surround herself with very talented people, coming from many different backgrounds, with various experiences.

Debbie draws her outstanding inspiration from the many international and intercultural experiences she went through. She even received an award during a competition in China for a consortium of not less than 66 villas!

As a conclusion, we would like to underline that Residential Architects in London is professional and talented, and we feel it is right to publicize its amazing work.

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